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野内俊裕|Toshihiro Yanai

1981生まれ 音楽家/作曲家


1981    茨城生まれ


1997    circeを結成


2000    上京


2005-2016 circeのギター・コンポーザーとして活躍 circe HP


2017    ソロ活動を開始/引込線2017に出演



2018    渡米/12ヶ月の楽曲配信「NY Shakkei」を開始


2019    NYにて活動/「EAR&ECHO RECORDS」を設立

      1st ソロアルバム「芽と花」をリリース

      Shoko Masunaga Exhibition にてNY初ライブを行う


2020    日本での活動を再開

      12ヶ月の楽曲配信「The Air」を開始



2021    ミニアルバム「Cloud line」をリリース

      二枚組アルバム「Green book」をリリース

      NADiff a/p/a/r/t にてリリースライブを行う


2022    Sabbatical Company Exhibition 「OR We are still chatting.」に参加

      ミニアルバム「Or being a bird, or being a fish…」をリリース



2023    NADiff a/p/a/r/t BGMアルバム「Re」をリリース




      inweu × S/S/A/W 「眠い冬」ツアーに参加




野内俊裕|Toshihiro Yanai

Born in 1981 Musician / Composer


1981    Born in Ibaraki prefecture


1997    Formed band "circe"


2000    Moved to Tokyo


2005-2016 Activity as the guitarist and composer for circe circe HP


2017    Began solo career / Performance at "Hikikomisen Exhibition 2017"

      Started "Tane wo maku hi" which is 12-month instrumental song


2018    Moved to New York City

      Started "NY Shakkei" which is 12-month instrumental song


2019    Activity in NY / Established "EAR&ECHO RECORDS" 

      Released 1st solo album "Me to hana"

      First live performance in NY at Shoko Masunaga Exhibition 


2020    Resumed activity in Japan

      Started "The Air" which is 12-month instrumental song

      Started "50/50songs"


2021    Released mini album "Cloud line"

      Released double album "Green book"

      Release live performance in NADiff a/p/a/r/t


2022    Participated in Sabbatical Company Exhibition "OR We are still chatting."

      Released mini album "Or being a bird, or being a fish…"

      Released mini album "Landscape and Fantasy"


2023    Released NADiff a/p/a/r/t BGM album "Re"

      Released mini album "Kodama (error)"

      Released side tracks "Mimidori"

      Released collaboration album "() day" with Naoki Ishida

      Participated in inweu × S/S/A/W "Nemui Fuyu" tour

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